7 minute writes….getting creative quickly!

For many years I used the start of the school day as ‘thinking time’ – an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing, even if it was for ten minutes.  I shared a writing prompt – a picture or words – and let my class write.  The children’s ideas could be shared with their table or as a class, but their was no pressure as writing could be refined at a later date.  These exercise books  became the equivalent of a writer’s notebook, where a multitude of ideas were stored.

These were the days before the creation of Pobble 365 (an amazing tool!) and I took great delight in saving thousands of images on Pinterest (it was an addiction at the time).

The evidence can be found in the link below…don’t judge me…

A couple of my favourite sites for my daily prompts were –



I also stumbled across this quick video on one of the links and it clearly explains exactly what I was aiming to do but they refer to it as a ‘7 minute write’ which I like better than my ten and will use from now on!!

And now, just to indulge, I will shared some of my favorite images which have been the catalyst for some amazing writing….







I hope you enjoy them!



This will be a really quick blog to point people in the direction of a brilliant website.  It is a re-branded and re-named – it used to be ‘Lend Me Your Literacy’ – and is now called Pobble.  My absolute favourite section, which is an essential for the busy teacher, is Pobble 365.  It has a new picture to stimulate writing on a daily basis.  These pictures are fantastic and they can’t help but get the creative juices of the children flowing.


This is support by a story starter for KS1 and KS2, including writing tick-lists, a set of questions to develop deeper thinking, a sentence challenge – brilliant for SPaG lessons, sick sentences – again great for SPaG and Picture Perfect which asks children to respond creatively either through drawing or words.  Even better is it is completely free!


If you go on the main Pobble site you can look at children’s work that has been published and if you register you can publish your writing too.  Great for motivating even the most reluctant writer, but it also great to use to critique a specific story type or to create a class WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) using the best elements of the published work.

In fact if you read the blog there is an almost endless number of uses for the site.