Really useful literacy resources…

I have listed below all the resources that over the years I have found have enhanced my teaching of literacy.  I am pretty sure I have not remembered everything and I would love to hear your ideas too. Some of the resources are more important as ideas, like the box of fairies.  A shoe box can be made into a magical box full of endless surprises that I will discuss more in a future blog post…


Sentence strips

24-Inch Multicolor Pack Wipe-Off® Sentence Strips By Trend

For modelling sentence types and to display and share children’s ideas.  Adult monitoring of handwriting.

Tell-a-story board

Encourages discussion of story structures and easily editable ideas.

Recordable Pegs

Great for instructions or challenges. Useful for children with EAL or SEN or young children.

Talking point

Useful to record sounds / phonemes


As above but has a space for an image

Talk-Time Postcards

Various sizes and length of time available. Great for making the link between speaking and writing. Record, listen, write.

Box of fairies

This can be made with various bits and pieces for less money but gives a good idea of what you could collect in a shoe-box

Writing tool belt

This could be made more cheaply using aprons or tool belts and resources added.  Excellent for writing in areas of provision or just anywhere outside.

Pick-a-Question Comprehension Tub

To challenge and develop comprehension strategies both in groups and individually

Re-tell A Story Cubes

As above.

Talk for Writing Across the Curriculum

Brilliant book to guide you through using talk for writing in non-fiction writing.

Jumpstart! Grammar: Games and actvities for ages 6-14

Vital book to support teaching of grammar!

Jumpstart!: Literacy – Games and Activities for Ages 7-14

Another hugely useful book for word and sentence level games and activities.



Post-its (of all shapes and sizes)

Many, many uses…see my previous blog psot!

Highlighter Pens

Essential for text marking.

Descriptosaurus: Supporting Creative Writing for Ages 8-14

Fantastic book to develop the use of exciting and juicy vocabulary

Easi Speak® MP3 Recorder / Player

Encourages talk and oral rehearsal


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