Classic books for primary children….?

Over twenty years of teaching some of the most inspirational books I have used are classic texts (sometimes known as heritage texts).  There are a variety of ways to introduce these potentially complex stories to children – read Bob Cox’s Opening Doors books – one of which is to use reimaginings or retellings and I have collected my ideas in a Padlet below…

Made with Padlet

Do still read the original texts to children and make sure there are copies of the books in the classroom for those who are inspired to read more.


These classic texts are essential to introduce patterns of language children may never have come across before, but there are also vital elements of cultural capital they introduce that every pupil has the right to experience, which they will meet again and again across a variety of media including films, books and even adverts and memes.

enhanced-buzz-32733-1381761540-1Image result for classic literature memes


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