My Pinterest addiction.

Yes it is true…I am an addict.  I love Pinterest!  Whenever I get a moment I can be found avidly searching and pinning.  I have lots of followers so I guess I’m not the only one!

To be honest it helps me to collect all my thoughts and ideas in one place so that at any point I can go back and be inspired, use the idea, read the article, watch the video, make the recipe….it is endless.  My most recent pinning has revolved around developing my ‘Guided Reading’ CPD for the staff at school and a group of NQTs.  The ideas I came across were often brilliantly practical and shared by teacher who had had success with these approaches.

I love the positivity of American teacher-bloggers and was particularly inspired by many of their ideas….there are hundreds and thousands of blogs to read!!

However my biggest addiction is my ‘Stuff to write about’ board.  I have collected thousands of ideas which I use in a variety of ways….mainly for ‘Morning work’ to focus my children’s thinking and get the creative juices flowing for ten or fifteen minutes every morning when they first enter the classroom.  It also means they come in ready to learn and relatively fuss-free.

I enjoy secret pinning when bored…and that can happen during meetings, CPD, waiting rooms, insomnia…!


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